The real time bidding?

A live auction system...

The real time biding is an auction system in real time for advertising space!
A company buys advertising space and sell them to large companies ( advertisers ).


A promising sector !

The RTB is growing fast...

BeonPush operates in the advertising market , this sector represents several billion dollars per year.
BeonPush has become a leader in the field of RTB.


Interesting benefits!

The startup progresses!

The BeonPush company makes good profits it distributes to its investors!
Join BeonPush , participate in its development and make profit!

Actus Beonpush :

What the BeonPush company does ?

Beonpush works in the real time bidding (RTB ) and sale of IP.

- What is the real time bidding ?

The real time bidding , the auction principle of advertising space in real time.

These trading of advertising space, it is advertising space bought at one price and sell it to advertisers at a higher price in order to make profits.

The RTB is closely related to the sale of IP , the sale of IP corresponds to sell information to advertisers ( large groups ).

The information in question , for example , country, city , age and sex.

This information is crucial for advertisers because they are used to target their advertising campaign, you do not know, but all the sites that use cookies , retrieve such data when possible ( as it is no no cases of confidential data IT laws of privacy are met).

Working example :

When you go on a commerce site ( online store , etc.) , you'll see products.

By going to another site, one which has a commercial space, you 'll realize that the items you looked in the online store now appear in the advertising space of the site where you are, although the theme is different.

All this relates to the field of online advertising ( RTB sale of IP , etc.).

Beonpush team has developed this system for 3 years before officially launching the program.

The RTB was created / invented by Google a few years ago.

- The figures of the sector

The online advertising market is $ 145 billion and today it is estimated by industry professionals to 1000 billion in 2020.

That RTB is now $ 6 billion.

Therefore BeonPush has positioned itself in this market and aims to become leader in 2018 and then to hold at least 50% of market share.

Here is the data and forecasts for this area which is a very promising market :

- The structure of the company Beonpush

It is composed as follows :

– CEO : Ferki Demirovski
– 4 traders based in Londres
– 2 peoples in the financial service and support
– 2 peoples in the IT Service
– Servers located in Denmark

- Why use network marketing instead of moving towards investors such as business angels ?

Simply for the good of society development.

Which refers in addition to RTB , the trafficking, sale of IP advertisers.

So in the interest of society , it is best to have as many people who invest little, rather than having few people invest a lot , simply because it pays more and helps ensure the proper development of society.

- BeonPush cipher

Beonpush today is 18 thousand members, including 10,000 active.

( An active member is a member who has invested in a share )

The first remedy has been reached ( 10 000 active members ).

The next goal is to reach 50 000 active members , why ?

In order to grow and increase profit margins that are not only related to the investment of members, but also related to intermediate costs and transaction-level bid management (DSP).

Clearly the economic model is made so that Beonpush succeed in becoming the leader in its field (RTB ).

- Company objectives Beonpush 2016

– 1 trimester 2016 :

– Start mobile Beonpush (IOS and Android) : increase impact , multiply the sale of IP and boost profit margins.
– Improve communication and ensure contact with the network
– Implementation of web conferencing every 15 days , made ​​by the CEO himself
– Site translation in several languages
– Establishment of working seminars
– Establishment of detailed video presentation of how the RTB (trade demonstration in real time)
– Become a leader in the RTB in 2018

The CEO wants to promote contact with investors.

- History made ​​by Beonpush rate ( minimum rate per day) :

Average minimal rate : 1.30%

service 1

Join the company BeonPush...

You can make a profit on your investment back!

service 2

A daily performance (working days ) variable...

The daily return that is offered varies and is between 0.5 % and 3.5 %!

service 3

An advantageous development plan!

You can expand your network to increase your profits and those of society!

Investment Offers

You will find below the various offers available with the investment company BeonPush :

Pack 20

  • 20$
  • coefficient x1
  • Final performance 150%
  • Daily rate : 0.5% à 3.5%

Pack 50

  • 50$
  • coefficient x1.05
  • Final performance 150%
  • Daily rate : 0.5% à 3.6%

Pack 100

  • 100$
  • coefficient x1.10
  • Final performance 150%
  • Daily rate : 0.5% à 3.8%

Pack 200

  • 200$
  • coefficient x1.15
  • Final performance 150%
  • Daily rate : 0.5% à 4%

Pack 500

  • 500$
  • coefficient x1.20
  • Final performance 150%
  • Daily rate : 0.6% à 4.2%

Pack 1000

  • 1000$
  • coefficient x1.30
  • Final performance 150%
  • Daily rate : 0.6% à 4.5%

Informations :

The coefficient correpondant each pack allows you to increase your daily earnings.

For example, if today's rate is 2% , for a pack to $100 , you will get 2.2 %.

Each pack expires at 150% , so a pack for $100, you will get up to $150.

Or $50 of net profits.

Bonus partners !

Referral Bonus :

For partners who register from your recommendations , you will get 13% commission on their investment.

For partners who register from the recommendations of one of your partners directly , you will get 2% commission on their investment.

Development Plan:

Since this is a binary matrix , partners will be part of your network.
They will be spread over your two legs ( right and left) , you choose which branch will be entered each new partner.

The goal is to balance your network.

Thereafter, you will earn 10% commission on the investment made every day in your smallest branch.
Example , if you have six partners right and 5 left, and now they have invested $500 in total, you will receive $50.
If tomorrow they invest $100 you will receive $10.

How to subscribe ?

>>> Subscribe on Beonpush web site here <<<

Join Beonpush means joining a startup positioned on a very buoyant market , so insurance on investment and thus profits.

– After clicking the link above , click sign up (top right)

– You fill out the form ( nickname , email, password, country choice )

– Then once the registration done , you connect to back office ( top right login)

– You go to e -wallet (left menu)

– You choose your payment processor.

– You enter your amount , minimum $ 20 for a pack , depending on or packs you want to buy. You will be directed to make payment on the processor Site.

– Once payment is made, you will see the amount in your e- wallet ( deposit wallet ).

– It 'll just go in and choose the pack or packs you want.

About BeonPush...

BeonPush is a company registered in Luxembourg and the United Kingdom under number : 9714406.

The founder is Ferki Demirovski >>> LinkedIn profile.

Ferki Demirovski working in politics for the government of Macedonia , it is mainly involved in the charitable order structures.

The company headquarters is in Luxembourg :

12, Rue de Bastogne
L-1217 Luxembourg

The company officially began operations August 28, 2015.

CEO BeonPush , Ferki Demirovski (left) during a meeting with investors


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